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Joining the Institute's Membership Program enables you to support the Institute's work while participating as a member.

Membership Offer Options

General Member 

  • You benefit from transactionalism and know that your aims are better served where transactionalism is present.
  • Paying forward the opportunity to learn and practice transactionalism for others is a reflection of your deeply satisfying life.

Sustainer Member 

Everything from General Membership plus....

  • You want to attend member exclusive events that help you apply transactionalism in your life. Three events planned for 2024.
  • Your membership includes an additional family member or allows you to receive one guest pass to each event.

Champion Member 

Everything from Sustainer Membership plus....

  • Your aims are fulfilled by the work of the Institute You want to participate in intimate, Champion member only events directly with featured guests. At least one event is planned for 2024.
  • You may add up to three family members or friends to your membership or receive three guest passes to each event (or have a combination of these options).

Volunteer If you prefer to become a General Member or Sustainer Member through your volunteer talent and time rather than financial contribution, click on the button below.


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