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Joining the Institute's Membership Program enables you to support the Institute's work while participating as a member, which includes:

  • At least two powerful learning events in 2023 on new areas of study generated by the Institute. 
  • Inclusion in a highly esteemed group of people, who are committed to practicing transactional approaches.
  • Members may apply to have an area of study be one of very few projects on which members will study, refine and help prepare for publication or exhibition. 
  • Committed and focused study in an area of interest curated by the Institute and selected by you.

The ecology of members embodies certain ethics that are requested of every member, such as:

    • We accept that we all are organisms/environment and that we all are co-constitutively creating environments and impacts for one another. 
    • Your participation in membership is a contribution and active participation is highly encouraged. 
    • We practice curiosity, whether through the use of Dewey's pattern of inquiry or other transactional approaches. 
    • We don’t know the possibilities that may unfold when we are together and enjoy the wonder that entails. 
    • We are respectful of one another's autonomy, privacy, dignity courtesy, tolerance, acceptance)
    • We communicate transactionally.
    • There is a dignity in the protocols, practices and traditions of membership. We have manners. 

We invite you to come join us!

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