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Joining the Institute's Membership Program enables you to support the Institute's work while participating as a member.

We invite you to consider joining the Institute’s Membership Program.

You may be someone who is present to the uncertainties and challenges in the world and thinks, “We are capable of doing better”.

You may be someone who is moved by the opportunity for people to be free of conflict, to live without poverty or hunger, and for your children and grandchildren to thrive.

You may be one of those people who recognize that much of what troubles the world at present results from an underlying philosophy of dualism and that transactionalism offers a robust solution.

The Institute seeks to inspire a worldview of reciprocation and cooperation, and we invite your participation.

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As a member, you will have access to the Institute’s 2024 Member Events

Our first event features guest lecturers Alex Bould and Marika Meertens.

Alex Bould has been described as “one of the wise men in organizational transformation”. He is gifted in frameworks as navigation aids for vast complexity.

Marika Meertens, senior firmware engineering manager at Western Digital, is skilled at building the narratives to generate momentum and buy-in across organizations.

The 3-session series scheduled for members in 2024 is born from Alex’s deep study of Alfred North Whitehead’s process philosophy, Michel Foucault’s discourse analysis, and John Searle’s language and social philosophy and the connections amongst these.

Marika and Alex will facilitate your own personal journey in making sense of these powerful concepts in your world.

You will work in groups, grappling with concepts like agency, propositions, and collective intent and applying these to your biggest challenges or most inspiring ambitions.

Can you really afford to not be a member? 

We invite you to join us! 

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