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The Institute of Transactional Philosophy’s Trevor J. Phillips Memorial Fellowship funds students enrolled in a graduate level (Masters or PhD) philosophy program with an emphasis toward transactional, process-relational, pragmatic, or related studies. We are pleased to honor the memory and work of Dr. Trevor J. Phillips through this fellowship, as Dr. Phillips contributed significantly in applying the philosophy of transactionalism to the field of education, particularly in his graduate work and PhD dissertation "Transactionalism: An Historic and Interpretive Study.”

Fellowship recipients are awarded up to $5,000 to complete an intensive study or specific project, with support from a mentor appropriate to their area of interest to be assigned by the Institute. The focus of a fellowship project should align with fellows’ professional goals while broadening their understanding of and contributing in some way to academic fields of study relating to emerging or historic Transactional Philosophy.

For the majority of fellows, study and mentorship will be conducted primarily via phone and virtual meetings. However, fellows may be asked to present the outcomes of their study or participate in other live events hosted by The Institute of Transactional Philosophy, such as conferences and/or workshops. Mentors and fellows may opt to meet in person if they happen to live in the same region.

Outcomes of a fellowship may include, but are not limited to, activities such as ongoing independent and consultative work alongside the assigned mentor or other board members, production of a presentation-ready paper or project relating to the focus of their research during the fellowship, presentation(s) to the Programs Committee and Board of the Institute, as well as the opportunity to present to a broad audience of Institute donors, supporters, affiliates, and beyond.

Aims around outcomes will be determined on a case by case basis depending on what’s most appropriate for the project. At a minimum, the completion of the fellowship shall be punctuated by a presentation of the fellowship project to the Institute’s board.

The Institute of Transactional Philosophy will award a Trevor J. Phillips Memorial Fellowship to a candidate who best fits the Institute’s focus, eligibility and requirements. The Trevor J. Phillips Memorial Fellowship is nonrestrictive, and shall be granted to the student directly. The funds are intended to help offset expenses related to their academic and career development, or study at the Institute of Transactional Philosophy.


The Trevor J. Phillips Memorial Fellowship is open to any student currently enrolled (beyond the second phase or semester) in a graduate philosophy program with an emphasis toward transactional, process-relational, or pragmatic philosophy studies. Students who identify an application of transactional philosophy in other disciplines are also welcome to apply.


The Board of Trustees of the Institute of Transactional Philosophy is proud to announce the awarding of its inaugural Trevor J. Phillips Memorial Fellowship to Daniel Luna, of Oxnard, California. We extend congratulations to Daniel as the first ever recipient of the fellowship.

Daniel is a graduate student at California State University, Long Beach, where he is working on his Masters of Arts in Philosophy. Daniel holds a BA in Philosophy and a BA in International Business from University of California, San Diego.

“Daniel approaches philosophy with deliberate, thoughtful, intellectual care. Academic philosophy often overlooks students with diverse backgrounds like the one Daniel has to offer. Many in that field opt for professional studies. Supporting Daniel’s graduate work helps students with broad academic interests make contributions in this field.”

~Cory Davia, Department of Philosophy Claremont McKenna College, ‘Letter to Awards Committee’, Dec 2020

The Institute created the Trevor J. Phillips Memorial Fellowship to support the study of the philosophy of Transactionalism. The Institute honours Dr. Phillips, a British-born educational philosopher and Professor of Educational Foundations and Inquiry at Bowling Green State University, Ohio. From 1963 until 1996, he taught Educational Philosophy at Bowling Green State University and from the beginning was inspired by the writings of John Dewey and Arthur Bentley.

Dr. Phillips offered one of the earliest and most comprehensive studies on Transactionalism in his 1967 dissertation, the now turned book ‘Transactionalism – A Historical and Interpretive Study’. It is from this accomplishment that we at the Institute look to further celebrate the work of Dr. Phillips through the naming of this fellowship – The Trevor J. Phillips Memorial Fellowship.

For additional information on Transactionalism click here or to purchase a copy of the ‘Transactionalism – A Historical and Interpretive Study’ by Trevor J. Phillips click here.


To be considered for the Trevor J. Phillips Memorial Fellowship, please download and submit an application.

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