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Member Series: Constructing Environments to Move Many as One with Alex Bould and Marika Meertens

  • June 27, 2024
  • 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
  • Online via Zoom


  • The event is for Sustainer and Champion level members only.

    If you would like to participate we invite you to register for a Sustainer or Champion level membership.

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Member Series: Constructing Environments to Move Many as One with Alex Bould and Marika Meertens

The first session in our membership series for 2024 will be a conversation with Alex Bould. 

Alex is a legendary graduate of the Influential U curriculum and is described in his industry as “one of the wise men in organizational transformation”. Alex has undertaken a deep study of some of the key philosophers that have contributed to the development of the philosophy of transactionalism.  

The series will be facilitated by another legendary graduate, Marika Meertens. The three events will take us all on a journey of discovery, as Alex and Marika provide a framework for practical application of philosophy in our lives.

For years now, Alex has been digging deep into heavy philosophy like Alfred North Whitehead’s process philosophy, Michel Foucault’s discourse analysis, and John Searle’s language and social philosophy.

Alex Bould has wrestled with untangling the threads that run through these philosophies. He has also mapped the themes to aspects we are all familiar with in transactionalism to generate new frameworks. This results in another lens we can use to look at and apply in our quest for deeply satisfying lives 

While this could be a fun academic exercise, the value is in applying the frameworks so we can become even better Transactionalists out in the wild. 

From the very first session, we’ll take you on a journey to start making sense of the world from a transactional perspective. We will work in groups and build up stage by stage, grappling with concepts like agency, propositions, and collective intent. We’ll examine ourselves as individuals, groups, and societies. We’ll even peel back the layers of terminology to consider the experiences that exist wholly outside of language. 

When we’re done with the three sessions, we’ll be ready to take on the world in a new way, and we’ll have valuable tools for digging deeper on your own if you’re interested. 

The series is available to Members only.

Please register your intent to attend using the link on this page, we look forward to our journey together.

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