The Institute of Transactional Philosophy is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization devoted to the continual development and education of applied transactional philosophy.


Our aim is to promote the philosophy of transactionalism through an applied inquiry that equips people to think and act together in facing the most pressing and significant issues confronting humanity today.


Our vision is to support the development, awareness, and application of the philosophy of transactionalism through a broad body of educational works and programs to inspire a worldview of cooperation, participation, and help.



The Institute of Transactional Philosophy offers resources that enhance the efforts of those who see a world where mutual concerns can be addressed through cooperation, participation, and the giving and receiving of help. When people and groups engage with one another, in ethical and respectful discourse, in an effort toward a satisfying human existence, the Institute fulfills its aim and mission.


We see a unique opportunity in the 21st Century to advance a broad global discourse through an applied inquiry that includes academia, government affairs, social and environmental institutions, the business professional community, as well as those in the general public, who seek to live good and satisfactory lives and inspire our global family toward a thriving and healthy planet.

"Considering the dependence of life...upon being parties to transaction...the surprising thing is that any other idea has ever been entertained."

John Dewey – American Philosopher, Psychologist and Educational Reformer 

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